Sunday, April 30, 2006

New Community Surveillance Camera!

Purpose: The NEBA Security Camera was installed as a tool for improving public safety. The camera operates 24/7 viewing and recording activity that occurs on the public way. In addition to calling 911, those observing illegal activity in the area of a NEBA security camera are asked to go to the NEBA Block Club website at, click on the Incident Report Form button, fill-out and submit the form.

Building owners concerned with providing a safe neighborhood environment for their tenants and surrounding residents have made a significant investment to install these cameras. Community input is absolutely necessary to optimize the utilization and efficiency of this tool. Your NEBA block organization has also invested considerable resources to make this project happen.

The Security Camera Network: The NEBA security camera network was designed and installed as a community resource. The camera can automatically patrol the area using a number of programmable presets with a zoom capability of over 21X. The camera can also be manually directed via a secure internet connection. The camera has a digital video recorder that is set up to record automatically when motion is detected. The presets will be monitored and adjusted to focus on areas of recurring illegal activity based on reported incidents and review of the camera video archives.

Phase one of the security camera network has been completed and functional since April 2, 2006. The 24th Police District’s Commander, Bruce Rottner, has been informed of the camera’s location and purpose. The 24th Police District has access to the camera for use as an observation tool by appropriate members of the department.

In the event of a crime, public safety related concern or incident, the camera system is capable of providing time-stamped video records on DVD for police investigations.

Call for Community Participation: This is an experimental community venture, so please don’t be shy about reporting incidents! When you see illegal activity on the streets call 911 then go to the WWW.NEBABLOCKCLUB.ORG website to fill out and submit the Incident Report Form. All Incident Reports are logged and video records reviewed for evidence. Applicable images and/or video will be archived and a DVD with the information provided to the police. The camera has a recall of up to 3 weeks of motion triggered video for review so please report incidents that are observed or heard (i.e., shots fired) as soon as possible. Thanks to those who have already volunteered information via email and the phone tree to the block club. This has resulted in video retrieved for an early morning assault, ongoing drug dealing, a man running after shots fired, soliciting prostitutes and other potential evidence regarding crimes and public safety issues.

Web Enabled Incident Reporting: The WWW.NEBABLOCKCLUB.ORG website has an easily accessible Incident Reporting Form to enable area residents to report observations of suspect criminal activity or other public safety related issues.